Your feedback is important to us..
Please leave a message and we will reach out to you soon.


Your feedback is important to us..
Please leave a message and we will reach out to you soon.

Jan. 31 → Mar. 31 2024
Jan. 31 → Mar. 31 2024



The King Car Cultural and Educational Foundation, since the establishment of the King Car Arts Center in 2008, has been dedicated to supporting local arts and literature. Through the establishment of locations such as the "Nanjing Space" and "Chengde Space" and various subsidy programs, the foundation encourages youth creativity and strives to provide a platform for young artists to freely express themselves. Additionally, monthly "King Car Lectures" are organized, featuring speakers from diverse fields who share their life experiences, aiming to enhance public aesthetics and cultural perspectives and hoping to deepen the foundation of Taiwan's arts and culture.

The King Car Arts Center sincerely invites those who love cultural arts and are enthusiastic about service to join our family! Whether you are a newcomer passionate about cultural affairs or an experienced individual in the arts, we welcome you to join our volunteer team. You will have the opportunity to participate in promoting cultural events, assist in the center's basic operations, engage in the preparation and execution of various artistic activities, and interact with artists and scholars, experiencing the infinite charm of arts and culture. Let us work together to inject more cultural vitality into the local community!


Hosted by: King Car Cultural and Educational Foundation

Co-hosted by: King Car Arts Center

Application Period

From January 30, 2024 (TUE) 11:00 to March 31, 2024 (SUN) 17:00 (GMT+8).

How To Apply

Please fill out and submit the Google Form within the application period. Late submissions will not be accepted.

Recruitment Information

  1. No nationality restrictions, age 18 to 50 (included), enthusiastic and responsible, with an interest in art and culture.
  2. Opening: 8 
  3. Locations: King Car Arts Center Taipei Chengde Space/Nanjing Space(Actual service locations will be arranged by the organizing unit).
  4. Service Period: From May 2, 2024 (THU) to December 31, 2024 (TUE).

Service Hours

  1. Adopting a scheduling system, the exact scheduling will be adjusted flexibly based on activities in the center. Please note any other specific preferences on the application form or inform during the interview.
  2. Each scheduled shift involves a minimum of 5 hours and a maximum of 8 hours (excluding break time).

What To Expect

  1. Provide consultation and guided tour services to visitors, assist in maintaining exhibition order, and control.
  2. Assist in setting up, dismantling, pre-exhibition, and opening days for scheduled events.
  3. Support lectures, award ceremonies, opening events, and assist in activity documentation.
  4. Assist in environmental organization, art maintenance, and material arrangement.
  5. Compile information on artistic and cultural activities and assist in coordination.


  1. Volunteer group accident insurance provided during the service period.
  2. Volunteers have priority participation in various cultural activities held at the center.
  3. Volunteers who serve for at least 12 hours in the current year (including) will receive exclusive KCCA volunteer peripheral merchandise.
  4. Subsidy of $200 NTD for meals and transportation for each shift, disbursed monthly at the end of the month.
  5. Additional Brown Coffee voucher of $1,200 NTD for completing specific tasks:
    • Participation in 6 literary lectures.
    • Participation in 5 exhibition openings and dismantling events.
    • Service for at least 30 hours in the current year (including).


  1. First Stage: Applciation Review
    • Those who do not meet the qualifications or do not receive an interview invitation will not be notified separately.
    • Review results will be notified by email before April 9 (TUE). Selected individuals will be informed of the second-stage interview via email or SMS.
  2. Second Stage: Individual Interview
    • Individual interviews will be arranged in mid-April. Those who cannot be reached after three attempts will be considered as forfeiting their qualification.
  3. The final list of selected individuals will be announced on the official website>Event Announcement before April 30 (TUE). Selected individuals will also be individually notified via email.

Essential Trainings

  1. Basic Education Training (online courses; those with a volunteer service record book may be exempt):
    • Those passing the interview must register an account on the "Taipei e University" digital learning network (, enter, and complete the online learning course for volunteer basic education training before May 10 (FRI). Submit the learning certificate via email to the Arts Center mailbox:
  2. Special Course Training (in-person): Selected individuals must attend the "King Car Arts Center Volunteer Training Seminar," scheduled to take place in early May, totaling 8 hours.
  3. Individuals completing the above two training items will officially become King Car Arts Center volunteers and will be given a volunteer certificate, obtaining the status of a volunteer at the King Car Arts Center.


  1. This program is voluntary and unpaid.
  2. In the event of a declaration of suspension due to natural disasters or other factors, or if the center is closed for activities/internal meetings, volunteers will be suspended from duty.
  3. If unable to attend duty on time due to unforeseen circumstances, volunteers must complete the leave procedure three days in advance. In the case of an emergency preventing the completion of the leave procedure in advance, contact by phone is required, and the leave procedure must be completed with the team leader afterward.
  4. Volunteers must not speak on behalf of the center or engage in any behavior detrimental to the reputation of the center during the service period. Violations will be corrected and, depending on the severity, may result in the termination of volunteer service eligibility.
  5. Absence, absence from class, tardiness, early departure, or negligence due to uncontrollable factors, or actions damaging to the honor of the center, may lead to the cancellation of volunteer status at the center, and the return of relevant items may be required.
  6. For any questions regarding the content of the guidelines, please contact the recruitment program window.

King Car Arts Center Taipei Chengde Hall


The King Car Cultural and Educational Foundation King Car Arts Center reserves the right to change and interpret the content of the guidelines. *